1/8 Scale Sturm Tiger Information


Introduced in the spring of 2003 the Sturm Tiger kit now allows anyone to own a copy of this very rare tank. The Sturm Tiger utilizes the same high quality methods of construction as our other kits. Since the Sturm Tiger is based on the hull of the late model Tiger 1, the tracks, suspension, wheels, drive system, and many other detail parts are the same. The kit contains 57 different injection molded parts, 5 different resin cast parts, 4 different machined aluminum parts and a precision built hull and turret. Part totals for the kit are over 185 injection molded plastic parts, 200 track links and pins, 24 CNC machined aluminum parts, 6 resin cast parts, and over 200 miscellaneous hardware items. Like our other kits all hatches and detail parts are produced as separate items. If a mistake is made on a detail a replacement part is only a phone call away and in many cases free. This allows or even encourages the builder to supper detail the kit. The results can be a remarkable. The overall construction of the Sturm Tiger is based on the same proven methods that were developed and used for years on the King Tiger and Tiger 1 kits.

Like other kits produced by R/C Armory the hull and upper structure is constructed from a lightweight 6mm thick gray PVC plastic sheet called Sentra. The lightweight characteristic of this plastic comes from its high density foam core between two smooth surfaces. The plastic sheet is cut using a CNC router system to ensure high dimensional accuracy of each part. The cut pieces are positioned and glued together in production fixtures to form very rigid structures. This process ensures that every hull is dimensionally correct and that all components are correctly located and aligned

To produce the kit the Tiger 1 hull was modified and a new upper structure was designed to hold the massive gun. These two parts screw together and precisely recreate the shape of the original. The top of the upper structure can be removed to gain access to the large amount of enclosed space within the tank. The large amount of internal space makes for easy installation of motors, electronics, batteries, and wiring. Attached to the front plate of the upper structure is the massive rocket gun. The gun is constructed of cast resin around aluminum cores. The inside, front, and pivot points of the gun are aluminum parts around which resin was pored. This process creates very strong and precise parts that successfully copy the look of the original. The gun has a full range of elevation but no lateral movement. The gun mount is designed so it can be easily removed from the tank at any time.

Like the Tiger 1 the parts for the drive train are made up of injection molded plastic where low stress levels are involved and machined aluminum or steel where higher stresses are found. Road wheels, idler wheels, and the hub of the drive sprocket are injection molded from very tough polystyrene. The suspension arms, idler arms, road wheel shafts, drive sprocket shaft, and drive sprocket tooth rings are aluminum or steel. Each track is powered by an industrial quality all ball bearing electric gearmotor. Power is transferred to tracks first through a 1/4 pitch roller chain then to the final drive reduction gears located in the housing which supports the drive sprocket. The main drive system for the tracks is sold as an option and can be installed at any time. See the options list for more information regarding the main drive system option.


Kit contains plastic injection molded, cast aluminum, steel, and resin cast parts along with a preassembled hull and turret. Track links, road wheels, and the hub of the drive sprockets are made from injection molded polysterene. The suspension arms, idler arms, track pins, road wheel shafts, and drive sprocket tooth rings are aluminum or steel. Each track is powered by an electric gearmotor. Power from the gearmotors is transferred to the drive sprockets through a custom designed drive system.


The average experienced modeler should be able to assemble the Sturm Tiger kit in about 100 hours. Some modelers have built the kit in much less time but most spend extra time adding many of the fine details found on tanks during combat. Expect to spend an additional 25 hours to paint the kit. Only basic hand tools are required to assemble the tank. Items such as paint, batteries, battery charger, radio equipment (4 channel), and speed controllers are not included with the kit.





Drive System (Motors, Chains, Sprockets, and Mounting Hardware)....................$460.00
Shipping.......................................................................................................$105.00 (within U.S.)

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