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VANTEC manufactures remote radio speed control systems for mobile battery powered robots, tanks, and boats. Established in 1975, today our controls are found worldwide in hazmat disposal robots, underwater inspection vessels, blimps, RPV's, special EFX creatures, R/C models, puppets and other applications requiring accurate, reliable and secure remote control.
Great source for RC radios and supplies for the large scale tank builder.
Great source for RC radios, electronics, and supplies for the large scale tank builder.
Thomas Benedini Sound ModulesProducers of Digital Sound Modules for tanks, trucks, cars, and boats.
For many years hobbyists and engineers have relied on Micro Fasteners' inventory of affordably priced socket screws, machine screws, locknuts, washers, sheet metal or self tapping screws, wood screws, other fasteners and related items in U.S. and metric sizes.
McMaster Carr Supply CompanyThe best source for those hard to find hardware items like fasteners, tooling, building materials, fittings, and power transmit ion parts.
Great selection of batteries of all shapes and sizes.
Link Source for sealed lead acid batteries
Robotics, Radio Control and Power Electronics

Based in Northern California, we are the oldest continuously-operating club for radio-controlled model armor in America. You're invited to check out the wide variety of scale tanks from different events over the years. If you too are an enthusiast, we invite you to join us. We have included on the site some membership information. Feel free to browse that page for all the details. If you have any further questions, we would enjoy hearing from you. Have fun browsing the site!
Armor Group West Large scale Radio Control Tanks and Military Vehicles. That is what this page is about. Nothing else. This is a source and place of exchange for technical, artistic and general information pertaining to the construction, planning and operation of large scale radio control military vehicle models and static large scale armor subjects of exceptional quality; primarily but not limited to tanks.
Radio Controlled Military Vehicles
Sherman Builders Like the M4 series of American tanks? Tired of seeing only German tank models? Always wanted to build a model just a tad larger than those rinky-dink 1/35's? The 1/16's are really nice but you want to see some serious models that can make some tracks in the dirt. Have you always wanted to scratch build one but not sure if you can or even how to start? Do you want to learn how to cast aluminum for your parts? Well, here is the one place willing to share those little tips and ideas for making your own scratch built tank!
Your online source for World War II books, magazines, videos, and more.
Achtung Panzer Dedicated to the history of tanks and people of the Panzertruppe during World War II.
www.jagdtiger.de This site solely contains pictures from still existing WWII battlegear with an emphasis on vehicles. It gives you an overview of what to expect at museums, exhibitions and memorial sites throughout the world.
Link One 6th Scale Vehicles, WWII German Militaria, Eastern front Photos
Tiger Tank HE 181 Technical Information ,Drawings, Plans and Illustrations  from German Tank Manuals
D 656/21, D 656/22 , D 656/30, D 656/27,  D 9023/1,  Details of GG400  TZF9b  TZF9c.
http://tiger1.info A library of information for modelers about the tank "Tiger 1", and a workbench where a "virtual Tiger" model is under construction.
Panzers Of The Reich Information on the German Panzer Tanks of WWII development history, combat service, technical data and photos.

www.panzermuseum.com Information and photos of armored vehicles, plus German War Records from the U.S. National Archives with information on all of the Third Reich's military services.
The Military Vehicle Technology Foundation oversees one of the largest and most significant collections of historical military vehicles in the world. Our goal is to acquire, restore, and interpret the historical significance of 20th and 21st century military vehicles. Domestic and foreign combat vehicles such as tanks, armored cars, self-propelled artillery, and other technically interesting mobile platforms are the focus of the collection.
AMERICAN ARMOURED FOUNDATION (AAF)The AAF Tank Museum was founded in 1981 as a not for profit charitable organization, with a mission to educate, collect, restore, preserve, and display as varied a collection of military tank and cavalry artifacts as is possible, so that present and future generations will have a significant part of military history available for them to learn from and explore.
www.jagdtiger.deThe web site contains pictures of existing WWII battlegear with an emphasis on armored vehicles. It contains pictures of tanks and other vehicles found at museums, exhibitions and memorial sites.

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